Free agent rankings by position for the Mariners in advance of the Winter Meetings

The winter meetings are right around the corner, and moves are likely going to be made soon. Here are the positions of need the Mariners need to look at
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Mariners position of need #5: First Base

I think I am one of the biggest defenders/believers in Ty France on our site, but I need to include it here because of how many fans seem to have turned against him already. I still believe that France is going to turn it back to his .300 hitting ways, especially after already showing up at driveline.

However, if they decide to make a change, who could they go for? Well, here are some of the names that we have talked about on the site already, and I'm going to focus on the ones that I believe are more realistic. Let's leave some positivity here though, and I'll go low-cost, solid, and high-end options I like at each spot.

Someone like Garrett Cooper could be a low-cost platoon-type guy, moving around and playing some different spots while gathering 350 AB. You know, exactly what the Mariners seem to like. The same could be said for Brandon Belt, but with a bit of a higher ceiling there.

Let's go Justin Turner here. He plays third but can play first as well, especially in the twilight years of his career. He can still hit quite well at the plate and would be a high end UTIL in the sense they could play him at 3B, 1B, and DH him to continually move guys around the field.

Finally, what about Rhys Hoskins? He has been really solid for the Phillies before blowing out his knee on that weird grounder play last preseason and could give the Mariners the punch they need in the lineup with Teo/Geno gone.