Free agent rankings by position for the Mariners in advance of the Winter Meetings

The winter meetings are right around the corner, and moves are likely going to be made soon. Here are the positions of need the Mariners need to look at
Miami Marlins v Pittsburgh Pirates
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It's been a while, and Mariners fans have been waiting for this moment. Well, all fans in general, but I don't really care about any of the other ones. Just the ones that root for the M's. The Winter Meetings are here, essentially, as all the baseball big wigs are heading to Gaylord Opryland Convention Center in Nashville to really kick off the offseason.

Side Note, if you haven't been there, that place is enormous. Like, it's hard to fathom how big it is. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely check it out.

In other sports, when Free Agency opens up, it's like a wildfire. Signings happen fast and often, and the majority of them are done within a couple of days. Baseball is different, and it's what makes me love it. Signings happen slower, trickling through the timeline, all the way from the end of the World Series to the time that pitchers and catchers report in February. It's why I love this time of year. It's worth remembering, and stating again, that Seattle doesn't always spend money.

Okay, Seattle never spends money on hitting. I'll try and mix realism with hopefulness here.

With that being said, the majority of events do happen around the Winter Meetings. With all those decision makers in one place, it's a good time for them to bang out a whole month's worth of work before going on holiday. Since it's so close, let's look at the biggest positions of need for the Mariners, and some of the players that they could target there.