Four Ways the Baseball Gods Cursed the 2023 Mariners

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Jerry Dipoto
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Curse #4: Jerry Dipoto Explained His "Win 54 Percent Strategy" and Said He Was Doing Fans a Favor to Ask for Their Patience

Just as fans were adjusting to the reality that the Mariners would not be going to the playoffs, the baseball gods whispered in the ear of Director of Baseball Operations, Jerry Dipoto, that he should talk about the 54 percent approach and suggest that he was doing fans a favor by asking them to be patient.

These comments were not good timing nor good news. While I understand his point that it is not a good idea to overspend to try and guarantee a successful postseason, he should think higher than 54 percent.

I do not think that anyone expected any messages other than "we need to do better" and some thoughts about how that might happen,

I hope this statement does not deter any top players from coming to Seattle or make the current players think that they are a "54 percent team". If there is a fanbase more patient than in Seattle, I do not know where it is.

In Conclusion

While the baseball gods did not always smile over the Mariners such as when they played Baltimore and the Dodgers, they were otherwise helpful as seen by the great statistics enjoyed by the players. I will say that Tom Murphy's injury after he had the highest batting average on the team was a big loss. Perhaps the Mariners will fare a bit better, curse-wise, in 2024!