Former Mariners reliever Devin Sweet has found a new home with the Detroit Tigers

Many a Mariners fan was excited about Devin Sweet and his changeup, but things didn't work out in Seattle. He has a new home with the Detroit Tigers
Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

It wasn't that long ago that many Mariners fans were wondering if Devin Sweet was going to be one of the next men up in the bullpen. He had shown the ability to put up a solid walk rate, posting marks below 3.3/9 in plenty of spots in the Minors. He was able to make guys miss with K rates north of 11/9 as well, and had a great changeup that looked to be the backbone of his arsenal.

However, it's a good reminder that the world of relievers can be a fickle one that changes faster than Edwin Jackson's uniform. Such was the situation with Sweet. He was still on the Mariners back on September 1st, but was placed on waivers and claimed by the Athletics. On December 18th, it happened once again and he was claimed this time by the Giants.

Just one month later, and Sweet is on his 4th team in nearly as many months, having been picked up by the Detroit Tigers. Although its been a lot of moving around for Sweet, this could be a blessing for the still young reliever. He posted great marks in Arkansas, where he spent the majority of his season. Now in Detroit, he could get an opportunity, with a good Spring showing, to make the major league roster and prove the Mariners/Athletics/Giants wrong for letting him loose.

While he doesn't blow hitters away with his lower 90s fastball, he does have a serviceable slider that he can use, as well as a changeup which holds its own as a MLB ready and worthy pitch. Since he is going to be on the 40-man roster, the Tigers could be thinking that he could take a spot as one of their middle relievers in the 2024 season.

Although he's moved around a lot, let's hope that Sweet can find success with the Tigers and prove the Mariners wrong for letting him go back in September. Best of luck in Detroit, Devin!