Five Stats that Stand Out from the Mariners Best Month in Team History

The Mariners, for the first time in team history, have won more than 20 games. Let's check out some of the more impressive stats from their winningest month in team history.

Seattle Mariners v Cincinnati Reds
Seattle Mariners v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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Reason #1: Julio Rodriguez

This is the obvious one to start with. If not for the dominance of Julio, I don't know where this team would be. Also, holy crap Mookie Betts. Anyway, Julio was a monster in August, hitting an incredible .429/.474/.724 with 10 2B, 7 HR, and 11 SB. He jumped his average from .251 to .286, setting a handful of MLB records while doing it.

It's not just the month that was impressive, but the second half that I really want to focus on. Starting on August 13th, Julio was hitting .256/.319/.433. Over the remaining 13 games of the month that he played in (missing a couple with the sore foot), Julio would hit an astounding .516/.552/.855 with 6 2B, 5 HR, and 8 SB.

That's something that should be done in a video game, not during the dog days of summer with palyoff implications on the line. Julio would finish with a WAR of 2.4 just in August, and as of September 5th now has a WAR of 5.1 on the season. Nearly half his WAR came in that month alone.

Julio hasn't been the only hot hitter, though.