Five Fantastic Performances by the Mariners in 2023

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Cal Raleigh
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Game 4: Cal Raleigh Hit the Ball out of the Stadium in Baltimore! (June 25, 2023)

We all know that Cal Raleigh can summon up a smash hit during clutch moments. In a game that featured a total of three hits by the Mariners and was a loss to Baltimore, 3-2, Raleigh stepped up with a two-run home run in the second inning.

If you recall, Camden Yards, the former Baltimore & Ohio warehouse is not flush against the stadium; there is a gap called Eutaw Street. Cal hit a two-run homer right out of the ballpark to Eutaw St.! When a home run ball lands on Eutaw Street, the Orioles mark the spot with a small bronze plaque and embed it in the street.  At the time, only 120 other home runs had landed there so Cal joined an elite group. Too bad Cal’s namesake, Cal Ripkin, was not on site to witness this. Raleigh is the third Mariner to hit this far. He joins Ken Griffey, Jr. and Sam Haggerty.

In addition, Cal broke a record when the team went to Fenway. Being a switch hitter, Cal hit two home runs, one with each arm. This had not been done in the stadium since the early twentieth century. Not too bad, Cal, for one season!