Five Fantastic Performances by the Mariners in 2023

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George Kirby
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Game 3: George Kirby Pitched Eight No-run Innings against the Yankees and Cal Raleigh Made the Winning Hit! (May 31, 2023)

The Yankees’ visit to T-Mobile Park in 2023 was dispiriting because New York won the first two games by scoring 10 runs in each. First, the Mariners lost 10-4. In the next game, they lost 10-2. In the third game, however, things changed.

Enter George Kirby. He pitched for eight innings, throwing 95 pitches. During that time, he allowed no runs and only three hits. Every inning, only three or four Yankees got up to bat. He struck out seven players. Then Paul Sewald allowed no hits in the ninth inning. The whole game the Mariners and Yankees were tied 0-0.

In the tenth inning, Topa allowed one hit, sending New York’s 2nd baseman to 3rd. His first out was on a foul pop fly. He then allowed a walk. The second out was due to a forceout at home. Suarez and Raleigh were responsible for that. The bases were loaded. Topa struck out the last batter. A close call!

The Mariners had escaped the top of the 10th but the score was still 0-0. In the bottom of the tenth, Cal Raleigh hit a single to right field, allowing Caballero (who was the player placed at 2nd) to score. The Mariners won 1-0. Nice pitching, hitting, and running!