ESPN thinks the Mariners should make a couple of trades at the Winter Meetings

The Winter Meetings are right around the corner, and ESPN thinks that the Mariners could be in the mix on a couple of trades to mix things up this offseason
Seattle Mariners v San Diego Padres
Seattle Mariners v San Diego Padres / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Winter Meetings are almost year! For most people, Christmas is December 25th. However, for a lot of baseball fans, the best time of December comes during the Winter Meetings. This year, they will be held on Dec 3rd-6th, meaning it's right around the corner. As they approach, David Schoenfield
and Kiley McDaniel got together to make some bold trade predictions to mix things up this year.

Mariners trade for: Gleyber Torres

I think you know by reading Sodo Mojo that we aren't the biggest fans of the Luis Urias move. Yes, his ceiling is much better than what he showed last year, but that move doesn't inspire confidence when you have a team that is so close to the playoffs and is looking for more bats... not more utility players. We actually brought up Torres the other day, so it's nice seeing that Kiley McDaniel thinks he should come to Seattle.

It would be a good move in the short term, especially if they are eyeing someone else in free agency down the line instead and looking for a true stopgap. They could play Torres at second, and then use Cabby at third and Rojas to spell people across the infield. Torres has hit well the last few years, and would be a big help to the lineup. Could it be done for Hancock? Is that too much? That's what McDaniel thinks it would take.

Mariners trade for: Juan Soto

This one is definitely bigger news, and comes from Schoenfield. Soto is the biggest trade piece out there, and second biggest piece (maybe third?) behind Shohei and Yoshi. The Mariners have cleared payroll, Soto and Julio would be an insane combo and that they also get along really well from what it seemed like at the HR derby. Getting Soto to re-sign is a different story, and might be a tough sell to get him to stay up here. A deep run into the playoffs could be a different story.

If the Mariners got Soto, then you were looking at JP/Julio/Soto at the top of your lineup, and that is a nasty start to any game for opposing pitchers, however you want to set them up. Shoot, Soto at 2 and Julio at 3 might actually be better because of how Soto walks. This would take more, but the Mariners have been churning out great prospects and have a stronger system then many realize.

Could either of these happen? Could both of them happen? The Mariners definitely need to add some bats, and multiple ones at that. I'd love to see either one of McDaniel or Schoenfield be correct... or possibly both of them!