Early Season Mariners Musings: Roster Construction Issues

Milwaukee Brewers v Seattle Mariners
Milwaukee Brewers v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Fire up the Tacoma Transit 

We’ve written about the bottom of the order and its early-season ineptitude. Dipoto joined Seattle Sports 710 Brock and Salk spending a good chunk of the interview talking about the offensive struggles. 

"No, not the way we’re swinging the bat. I think there’s a hole,” Dipoto said. “We consistently wind up in a position where we have players that have not gotten off to good starts and the wheel is landing on their spot in the order with an opportunity to do damage."

Jerry Dipoto

Those struggling bats include A.J. Pollock, Cooper Hummel, Kolton Wong, and Tom Murphy. That’s a lot of dead weight. Luckily, Cade Marlowe, Dylan Moore, and Taylor Trammell started their rehab assignments this week, and all three are already making noise. 

Reinforcements are probably a week away due to a lack of spring training. But when they get a clean bill of health Tommy La Stella and Cooper Hummel are the first to go.