Dream Mariners starting rotation for the 2024 season

My dream Mariners starting rotation may not look all that different from the real 2024 rotation, so let's check out what it could look like in Seattle.
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2. Corbin Burnes (RHP)

Okay, so you can tell now that Logan Gilbert is not on this list. Do not get mad and call me names just yet, hear me out. In this dream rotation, I have decided that Gilbert would be traded to add offensive help. Who he would be trade for is not going to be covered in here, and remember, this is not news. This is all in fun.

THe Milwaukee Brewers are open for business, and Corbin Burnes is going to be available. He is a no doubt ace. He won the Cy Young Award for the Brewers in 2021, He finished 2023 with a 10-8 record, with a 3.39 ERA. He has been an All-Star the last 3 seasons, and he i entering the final year of his contract. Before you roast me again, remember, Championship banners last forever. Adding a guy like Corbin Burnes to the Mariners rotation would be almost unreal. Who knows? Maybe they would be able to resign him, the way they did with Luis Castillo.

1. Luis Castillo (RHP)

The final name on the list is a familiar one, Luis Castillo. Castillo was in the Cy Young conversation before September, where he did struggle a bit. He finished 2023 with a 14-9 record, with a 3.34 ERA and a WHIP of 1.09. In his 6 starts in September and October, he had an ERA of 4.96 in 32.2 innings. Castillo is one of the best pitchers in all of baseball, and his first complete season with the Mariners showed that.

Castillo is signed through the 2028 season, so he will be here for the bulk of his prime years he has left. I have Castillo as the ace in the rotation because he signed a long term deal with the Mariners after they traded for him. He set a goal of starting Opening Day last season, so it means a lot to him to be the first starter. Every player I mentioned above can make a legitimate case to be the number 1 starter. In reality, it does not matter the order, just who is in that order. As always, Go Mariners!