Dream Mariners starting lineup for the 2024 season

In a perfect offseason for the Mariners, here is what my Dream lineup would be for the Seattle Mariners heading into 2024
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8. Jarred Kelenic, Right Field (L)

Jarred Kelenic had a very up and down season in 2023. He has not lived up to the hype from his prospect days, but his 2023 was a ste in the right direction. He played in just 105 games because of a broken foot he suffered kicking a water cooler, which was not ideal. I admire Jarred's passion, but sometimes the best ability you can have is availablility, and kicking water coolers is a dumb idea in the first place.

Kelenic was really inconsistent, but showed flashes of brilliance in 2023. OVerall, his slash line was .253/.327/.419/.746 with an OPS+ of 108. He managed an fWAR of 1.3, He struck out 31.7% of the time, and hit 11 home runs. If he were to stay in this dream lineup, he would need to strike out far less, and stay away from water coolers in the club house. Maybe he can invest in a water bottle, throwing them would do a lot less bodily damage.

9. Tim Anderson, Second Base (R)

Last but not least, i have the Mariners signing Tim Anderson. Yes, he has played shortstop most of his career with the Chicago White Sox, but he did play second base in the World Baseball Classic. No, I do not have the Mariners signing him to a long-term deal, I have the mariners signing T.A. to a short-term "Prove It" type deal. Tim is coming off of his worst season, both on the field and off the field. He hit just .245/.286/.296/.582 with an OPS+ of 60. Yes, he was 40% worse than league average wit his bat. He hit just 1 home run all season.

But from 2019 through 2022, Tim hit .318/.347/.474/.820 with an OPS+ of 122. He has never been a power hitter, but he did win the batting title back in 2019 when he hit .335. His career strikeout rate is 23.2%, just 0.8% above league average. He does not walk much, but he has been one of the best hitters in baseball before last season.

Tim's 2023 season maybe remembered most for the fight against Cleveland Guardian's 3rd baseman Jose Ramirez, where Jo-Ram knocked Anderson to the ground with a vicious punch. There was also a rumor where White Sox catcher Yasmani Grandal and Tim had a physical altercation in the club house, but both parties denied that happening. The 2023 White Sox were one of the worst teams, and clubhouses in 2023. Maybe a change of scenery will do T.A. wonders. As always, go Mariners!