Down on the Farm: Mariners Minor League Check-in

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Modesto Nuts Showcase Late Inning Magic

14 - 7 (1st in CAL North)

The Modesto Nut racked up three walk-off wins this week against Stockton. Third baseman Josh Hood and MiLB Top 100 prospect Cole Young are the primary offensive sparkplugs, with organizational Top 10 prospect Gabriel Gonzalez out with an undisclosed injury. A middle of the order consisting of Hood, Gabe Moncada, and Freuddy Bautista provided the thump combining for 41 runs batted.

I've been highly impressed with outfielder Bill Knight, who has benefited from Gonzelez's time on the shelf. He has an easy swing and maximizes his plus speed using the entire field. The slash line isn't the only story with Knight (.343/.405/.927).

Our last check-in had Former North Carolina Tar Heel Shaddon Peavyhouse leading the pitching staff, and he has still performed well (3-1, 2.45 ERA, BAA .195). But I'd be remiss if we didn't highlight Michael Morales. He always had a projectable delivery and an analytically-based approach, but scouts were waiting for it to click. So finally, we may be there.

The stuff is ticking up significantly since he's reigned in the control issues. A key byproduct is Morales destined for Everett by the season's end.