Down on the Farm: Leaderboard and the ACL

SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game
SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

All six Mariner minor league affiliates' seasons are in full swing, with the top four levels on the back half of the season. This week's Down on the Farm dives into the offensive statistical leaders across the system and dives into an intriguing Arizona Complex League roster.

Offensive Statistical Leaders: All About the Numbers

We are at the point in the season where prospects and seasoned veterans have accumulated enough at-bats for the Mariners development team to know what they have in each player. For example, Jonatan Clase, the starting centerfielder in the 2023 MLB Futures Game, might not have the most reliable hit tool, but his impact on the basepaths (47 SB) and power (16 HR) are undeniable.

Key Stat



Batting Average

Gabriel Gonzalez .348

Isiah Gilliam .310


Cooper Hummel .430

Leo Rivas .428


Alberto Rodriguez .580

Isiah Gilliam .575


Isiah Gilliam .993

Alberto Rodriguez .973


Isiah Gilliam 157

Alberto Rodriguez 154


Gabriel Gonzalez 103

Zach DeLoach 88


Alberto Rodriguez 30

Jonatan Clase 20


Alberto Rodriguez 7

Cole Young 7


Jake Scheiner 22

Brian O’Keefe 16


Jake Scheiner 69

Jonatan Clase 67


Jake Scheiner 75

Robbie Tenerowicz 67


Jonatan Clase 47

Leo Rivas 27


Harry Ford 66

Cole Young 54


Cooper Hummel 21.3%

Leo Rivas 20.3%


Gabriel Gonzalez 13.7%

Cole Young 13.8%

There is a good chance we’ll see a few of these players promoted shortly after the MLB All-Star Break. Specifically, Gabriel Gonzales, Alberto Rodriguez, and Cole Young, who we’ve written about extensively on previous prospect reports. Additionally, keep an eye on Robbie Tenerowicz who has wore out his welcome in the Texas League and should be raking the hitter-friendly Pacific Coast League in no time.

Arizona Complex League: An Exciting Roster

This year’s crop of prospects toiling in the Arizona Complex League offer some immense upside. From projectable right-handed starters Walter Ford and Kristian Kardozzo to the ACL Player of the Week, Luis Suisbel and power threat Laz Montes this team is a must follow. Now, the Mariner’s number four prospect is joining the fray.

Felnin Celestin, this year’s top international signing period get should sit atop the ACL’s first place team’s lineup shortly. The MLB Draft should infuse even more talent onto the roster with three prep bats ticketed for the ACL upon signing on the dotted line. The future is bright Down on the Farm with these handful of prospects leading the way.