Could a big name Free Agent fall in Love with Seattle and sign with the Mariners for Valentine's Day?

There are four big free agents still on the market without a partner. Could one of them fall for the Mariners on Valentine's Day and want to sign with Seattle?
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Jordan Montgomery

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One of the best pitchers during the playoffs last year was Jordan Montgomery. He had a 2.90 ERA in 31 innings last October and was a leader on the World Series winning Texas Rangers. He has still not signed a contract this offseason. Many might think that the Mariners don't need another starting pitcher because they have five starting pitchers ready to start spring training with Luis Castillo, George Kirby, Logan Gilbert, Bryce Miller, and Bryan Woo.

It is impossible to expect that those five righties will pitch every fifth day and pitch 200 innings each. Maybe the Mariners think that Bryan Woo or Bryce Miller could use more time developing pitches to get lefties out in Triple-A and that Jordan Montgomery, an experienced big leaguer, gives them a better chance to win games right now. That could give the Mariners insurance because then Woo could fill in for any injury that happens instead of Austin Voth or Emerson Hancock.

Montgomery could be waiting for someone to get injured and hope a team gets desperate and pays up for his services, but the Mariners could look to match with the lefty. The former Ranger could also want to play for Seattle because they could help make him better like they have done with countless other pitchers.