Checking in on the Mariners: How are fans feeling at 10-12 this early in the season?

St. Louis Cardinals v Seattle Mariners
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Mariners Option #3: Kind of worried about the 10-12 start

Uggh. The DH spot. I'm glad that Snyder brought that up. It's been awful. It seems like you could just stand there and guess fastball every single time and have more success than the Mariners have had out of that spot this season from the likes of Tom Murphy, Tommy La Stella, and Cooper Hummel. Sam Haggerty is back, Cooper Hummel is down, and Jose Caballero looks intriguing, so hopefully it is trending in the right direction (just like the aforementioned Kolten Wong).

Texas has looked good, and they spend a lot of money to do so. Between Marcus Semien, Corey Seager, Jacob DeGrom, Jon Gray, and some other pitchers, they spent over $800 million in the last two seasons. That's a ton and a risky investment that has to pay off, or else they look incredibly foolish. Still, Seager is hurt, and that pitching staff is a tweaked bat at the senior citizen's line at the buffet from being in trouble. (yes, I know they can be dominant, but I think you get it.)

The Mariners offense hasn't been great, but this stems from guys performing below expectations. They upgraded at RF, 2B, Kelenic, and should've had a deeper bench. It just hasn't happened everywhere, although Teo is hitting quite well and things are starting to swing upward. The Chris Flexen thing is worrying, and they might need to replace him if he has a couple more bad starts.

Don't worry about the bullpen though. Anyone who does is being negative and ridiculous. They're 7th in ERA, and that's without Munoz. Plus, Brash has an insane BABIP of .550. League average is .291. The bullpen is going to get even better without doing anything different.

Where do you stand on the season so far? Are you worried about the Mariners? Or, like me, do you think that things are going to be fine? Shoot, it's totally reasonable to be sitting in both of those camps. Let us know, and as always, go Mariners.