Checking in on the Mariners: How are fans feeling at 10-12 this early in the season?

St. Louis Cardinals v Seattle Mariners
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Mariners Option #2: Quietly optimistic about 10-12 start

I think it makes sense that this is the group that had the most votes, as it seems like the one that Mariners fans would fall into. The Mariners are coming off of back-to-back 90 win seasons, have added a lot of good players to their roster over that time, and have worked to get better both on paper and on the field.

Complain all you want about Kolten Wong, but on paper, it seemed like a great move to make. He had multiple 3+ WAR seasons, and was a great teammate and player on both the Cardinals and the Brewers. He's always been able to hit, so it's been outside the norm and really odd that he hasn't been able to produce yet this season. He did put together a three-hit game in the finale against the Cardinals, so maybe he is going to get back on track.

@eckersley429 is right. The Mariners need to play well, and over 500, over their next three series. Yes, they have Philly and Toronto, but then they have Oakland. If they can go 3-3, then 2-1, it wouldn't be an awful spot. We can hope for a 4-2 stretch over the first two and to sweep Oakland, but managing realistic expecatations is the safer route to go to avoid any overreactions or thinking that the sky is falling.