Checking in on the Mariners: How are fans feeling at 10-12 this early in the season?

St. Louis Cardinals v Seattle Mariners
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Mariners Option #1: It's totally fine at 10-12

This is where I sit. I think things are just fine for the Mariners. They are sitting here at 10-12 without Robbie Ray, Chris Flexen has been getting shelled, Munoz is on the IL, Moore still hasn't played, no Taylor Trammell yet (but soon), and they've blown a handful of games that they probably should've won. To me, it feels like one of those situations where, if you told us this was going to be the scenario at the beginning of January, we would've been fine with it.

I'm not saying things are good. Or that I'm happy. Those are different. With all those extenuating circumstances, I think things are just fine. I'm not the only one, either.

There are plenty of fans out there that know things are going to be okay. Like Josh and Camper mention, the team does seem to be slowly improving already, and if Kelenic truly is going to play as a borderline All-Star (or better?) then that is a massive boon to this team. Especially having Haggerty back, Trammell coming soon, and Moore... whenever he is able to make it back.

The Kelenic fact is one that I cannot get past. He is only 23, and is showing all the haters why we never got off the bandwagon. He was one of the top prospects in all of baseball, ranked 4th and one spot ahead of Julio IN ALL OF BASEBALL. He's showing off the power, and if he can continually go oppo, then we are in for a treat for a long time.