Best hitter, pitcher, and moment of the Mariners' series vs. the Cleveland Guardians

Seattle hit their first roadblock of the season, getting outscored 13-2 against Cleveland, but as always, there was a silver lining.
Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners
Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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Best Mariners Moment: Julio Rodriguez makes two great catches to rob Will Brennan

Everyone knows Julio Rodriguez as a dangerous hitter, winning two Silver Sluggers. He's also a speedster on the basepaths, stealing 25+ bases in his two major league seasons thus far. However, people outside of Seattle may forget that he's an elite defender. If you've been to T-Mobile Park this year or last year, you'll know that the section of seats behind center field is known as the "No-Fly Zone," and for good reason. In the second inning, Julio Rodriguez turned what would've been a double for Will Brennan into a harmless lineout.

In the fourth inning, he did it again, this time sliding laterally to make the snag.

Julio's time at the plate this season has gotten off to a cold start; he's slashed .185/.241/.222 over 29 plate appearances this year, but don't fret. He's started off slow in the past two years, but has shown an uncanny knack to go on ridiculous hitting streaks without warning.

Just like the rest of the team, patience may be required before fans start to see all of the pieces come together.