Baseball Prospectus Releases List of Top 10 Mariners Prospects

The future of the Seattle Mariners is bright, but it'll take a few more years to come into full bloom as we look at the top ten prospects from Baseball Prospectus
Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Like many baseball publications, Baseball Prospectus releases its own rankings of the top up-and-coming players in each farm system. Unlike previous years, all of the prospects in the top ten are position players, an interesting deviation from the recent norm.

The Mariners list is as follows:

1. Harry Ford, C
2. Colt Emerson, SS
3. Cole Young, SS
4. Gabriel Gonzalez, OF
5. Lazaro Montes, OF
6. Tai Peete, INF
7. Tyler Locklear, 1B
8. Jonatan Clase, OF
9. Michael Arroyo, INF
10. Jonny Farmelo, OF

All of these players are still in the low minors, with Tyler Locklear being the furthest along in Double-A. While many of the same names are present on's prospect rankings (although theirs havent updated to 2024, and are end of season 2023 rankings), shortstop prospect Felnin Celesten is a notable exclusion from BP's list and is currently ranked at #7 by BP is also a little more bullish on Lazaro Montes and Tai Peete, ranked at #12 and #10 respectively by It seems that most sources agree on the shining jewels of the Mariners system: Harry Ford, Colt Emerson, Cole Young, and Gabriel Gonzalez.

In his last full season in High A, Harry Ford slashed .257/.410/.430 over 563 plate appearances, collecting 24 doubles and 15 home runs along the way. In addition to a good bat, his well-rounded combination of speed and defensive catching make him an intriguing name to follow until his expected debut in 2025, especially as Cal Raleigh approaches free agency in 2028.

At just 18 years old, Colt Emerson was incredible to watch in Single-A and Rookie Ball in 2023. He managed to slash .374/.496/.550 over a combined 114 plate appearances. Scouts note that his abilities at the plate are his greatest strength but his lukewarm defense might result in him moving to a different position within a few years. He's not expected to make his debut until 2027 so the organization has plenty of time to do what they'd like with his development.

Cole Young is the second piece of the enticing class of 2025 and split his time between Single-A and High-A in 2023, slashing .277/.399/.449 and hitting 34 doubles and 11 home runs over 606 plate appearances. With similar offensive numbers as Harry Ford, scouts point out that his offensive potential is incredible and could be fully realized if given more time to develop the necessary strength. His speed and arm are sufficient to play shortstop but his ability to play on both sides of the middle infield only adds value to his prospect stock.

Last but not least of prospects estimated to debut in 2025, Gabriel Gonzalez primarily served as a right fielder in Single-A and High-A last year, slashing .298/.361/.476 and accumulating 23 doubles and 18 home runs over 535 plate appearances. Another player with more of an offensive focus, scouts have said that he possesses natural power while still making consistent contact. On the other hand, his defense is inhibited by his conditioning and may regress further in the event of injury, limiting his potential to be a truly well-rounded presence in the outfield.

In terms of names that are next up, Jonatan Clase and Tyler Locklear both have ETAs of 2024 but have yet to make their debuts at Triple-A. While it's not unheard of to get called up directly from Double-A (looking at you, Bryce Miller and Bryan Woo), both of these players fill roles that are already occupied. Seattle may have room in the outfield for Clase if some of the existing options get hurt, but with a .724 OPS over 489 plate appearances in Double-A, it would be surprising if he was an offensive upgrade. Locklear had a great 2023, mostly playing in High A but dabbling in Double-A and posting a cumulative .907 OPS for the season, but barring a total Ty France collapse, it might be a while before he starts to be an impact bat.