Baseball cards, bubble gum, and filling the void

Detroit Tigers v Kansas City Royals
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Big Haul, Bigger Cost

Hear me out. The old saying you have to give up something to get something holds true. Especially when acquiring relief in a market that will be screaming for bullpen arms the quality of Scott Barlow.
Face it, the Mariners will have to overpay because they will compete with numerous teams for these players. This is a trade worth ponying up prospects for because of the return isn't centered on three-month rentals, but veterans who will be around for at least another two years. President of Baseball Operations, Jerry Dipoto expressed his desire to acquire controllable talent recently with Brock and Salk (Seattle Sports 710).

1. Trade Package #: Mariners Win

Bryan Woo
Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Mariners acquire Salvador Perez and Scott Barlow. Royals acquire Bryan Woo, Taylor Trammell, and Taylor Dollard.

2. Trade Package #2: Royals Win

Taylor Trammell
Pittsburgh Pirates v Seattle Mariners / Stephen Brashear/GettyImages

Mariners acquire Salvador Perez and Scott Barlow. Royals acquire Bryan Woo, Taylor Trammell, Taylor Dollard, Michael Morales

One trade package has General Manager Justin Hollander sending a power-speed threat in Trammell, the flamethrowing Woo, and the team's 2022 Minor League Pitcher of the Year in Dollard to Kansas City. That is a highly competitive package. The Royals might ask for more upside pitching, I'd throw in Michael Morales or Juan Pinto to get it across the finish line (Package 2). These transactions would allow the team to keep Emerson Hancock, Harry Ford, Cole Young, and some exciting arms in the Arizona Complex League and Dominican Summer League.

The veteran leadership Perez would provide, teamed with Barlow's ability to help bridge the starters to Munoz and Sewald, is invaluable for a team struggling to find consistency. The nostalgia of seeing the old guy in a Mariners uniform would be a sight. Where's that stale gum when you need it?