Assessing the Mariner's Core

Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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Tier 3: Quarter Locks

First baseman Ty France rode a hot start to his 2022 season to the All-Star game. He is arguably the most professional hitter on the current roster. When right, he's spraying the ball from line to line and showing major power to the gaps. The problem is, you can count on him to go into an extended 3-to-4-week slump, which often coincides with a hand or wrist injury. No fault of his own, but France is a magnet for beanballs, leading the franchise over the past three seasons. The good news is there is still time for him to solidify his spot in the core.

Jose Caballero has become a fan favorite playing the instigator role. His manipulation of the pitch clock and extremely high baseball IQ has vaulted him into the "Core" conversation. He may become an everyday player or a valuable guy off the bench. It's a small sample size, so questions about sustainability are out there. Either way, Caballero's ability to get on base, put the bat on the ball, and provide double-digit steals perfectly fits this roster. We'll have a better understanding at season's end.

This season isn't what we all expected, but the core is here. Additionally, there is some exciting talent waiting in the wings. We'll revisit this one at the season's end.