As we approach Thanksgiving 2023, here is why I am thankful for the Seattle Mariners

We have another year to look back on, so as Thanksgiving 2023 approaches, it's time to look at reasons to be thankful surrounding the Seattle Mariners

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

It is the time of year to count one's blessings. It was not difficult to recognize the many reasons why I am grateful to the team.

Thank You to the Administration and Staff: All Who Make Mariners Baseball Happen

I want to thank many people during this time of year but I am especially grateful that we have a baseball team here in Western Washington. I know that the closest teams to the south are two hours away by plane while the nearest one to the east is 3.5 hours away. No team is near: every away game involves significant travel. I am glad that owners have not moved the team to say, Oklahoma City or perhaps Las Vegas.

I appreciate those in the front office even though at times I have been critical. Competing for players with and then competing against 29 other teams must take a great deal of strategy.

We appreciate all the people who work behind the scenes, getting the word out about specials, doing clerical work, arranging travel, creating fun graphics, working with player families, coordinating with sponsors and corporations, selling suites, etc. That is hard work.

Thank you to the people who host the thousands of fans at T-Mobile Park for days at a time: the people who set up, the ticket scanners, the vendors, and especially those who clean up afterward.

Thank you to the grounds crew who make the fields look perfect every game and take care of the grass all year long.

Thank you to the media, to Root Sports and the Radio Crew for making the experience of watching and listening to games so enjoyable.

Thank you to the Mariners Players

Thank you for being good people, role models, and people who children and adults can admire and imitate. I appreciate your contributions to our Western Washington community.

Thank you for giving your best for 162 games a year, bookended by Spring Training and hopefully, the post-season!

I appreciate that you put on your game faces and go out there even when your energy is low or you feel uncertain whether you can deliver as you wish. (I cannot imagine having 45, 000 people and a TV audience watch me do my job.)

Thank you for being good sports about being interviewed (whether seriously or in fun) by the Mariners or Root Sports so that fans can get to know you better.

I appreciate your wives, girlfriends, and families. Whether you are separated during road trips or for the season, we appreciate that you and your loved ones make that sacrifice.

Thank you for taking time with fans by talking with us, signing balls or shirts, and in any other way.

I know that while I write this from my own perspective, most of the fans in our community are grateful for so many of the same reasons. I personally appreciate your self-control on social media when your "followers" are over-the-top negative. The great majority of fans recognize that these comments are not appropriate or deserved.

Happy Thanksgiving, readers, and we at are grateful for you.