As relievers start to sign in free agency, could Mariners instead trade for Devin Williams?

The Brewers are looking to rebuild and the Mariners really need to add to their bullpen. They have already subtracted one piece in Isaiah Campbell. How about replacing him with the best reliever in the game?

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According to MLB Network and Jon Morosi, the Brewers are "Open for Business." Hearing that is like blood in the water for Jerry Dipoto. Jerry has already made a few moves, the biggest yet being trading young reliever Isaiah Campbell for infielder Luis Urias. While this is a high-upside play, it leaves a relatively thin bullpen even thinner. Even though Dipoto and co. have shown an ability to develop solid relievers, there is nothing like getting arguably the best closer in baseball, Devin Williams.

By fWAR standards, Williams has quite literally been the best reliever in baseball since 2020, compiling a 6.8 fWAR during that time span. Over those 4 years he has thrown just over 200 innings with a 1.75 ERA, striking out 14.51 per 9. He has one of the best pitches in baseball. It is a filthy changeup that he throws almost 58% of the time, and I don't blame him, he has an impressive whiff rate of 42.2% and opponents slugged just .187 off that pitch.

I have worked on coming up with a couple of trade ideas that might pique the interest of the Brewers. I am sure the Brewers would love to have one of Bryce Miller or Bryan Woo, but I just don't see the Mariners doing that. I think if Miller or Woo are traded, it would be for a legit middle-of-the-order, controllable bat.