As May comes to a close, here are 3 reasons why the Mariners will make the playoffs... and 3 why they won't

New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners
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Reason #2 the Mariners won't make the playoffs: They don't sell the farm for an upgrade (again)

Look at some of the moves that the Mariners have made in recent memory. They traded for Geno and Mr. Whiny Pants, giving up a healthy group of prospects. They then called up the Reds once more, grabbing one of the top pitchers in baseball, Luis Castillo, while giving up one of the biggest groups of prospects in Mariners recent history in order to grab him. It looks even better for the Mariners after locking La Piedra up to an extension, but it was still a lot to give up.

Kelenic got here by trading Cano and Edwin Diaz, with some other flotsam involved in the deal. The Mariners don't have a contract like that to offload, so a deal like that is off the table. JP came over for Segura, but that was a deal made with the future in mind, and not the present.

Even the deal with the Padres to get Munoz, Torrens, France, and Trammell was a future move. None of those guys, save possibly France, were expected to do anything quickly for the Mariners. Any trade that they make now would need to be for an immediate upgrade, and I don't think they are going to sell the farm to do so. That being said...