As May comes to a close, here are 3 reasons why the Mariners will make the playoffs... and 3 why they won't

New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners
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Reason #1 the Mariners will make the playoffs: The offense will come around


Teoscar is going to figure it out. If he doesn't have a stretch of 15 games where he hits like 6-7 homers and bats .345, i'll be incredibly surprised. Shoot, he might even do it twice over the remainder of the season. Look at what he's done throughout his career, and there is no reason to think he wouldn't put up some hot stretch.

Same with Geno. He goes through spurts, and has always been that way. He will go 21 games with 1 homer, and then he will hit 8 in 11 games. A Geno surge is incoming.

Julio is heating up. Just check how he has done over the last 10 games. He's rocking an insane slash line of .419/.432/.721, with three homers, two steals, and eight multi-hit games. His average is back up to .246, and he's hitting the ball harder than last year and doing it more often as well.

Big Dumper is doing better, as evidenced by his ripped game winning RBI double in the finale against the Yankees. JP Crawford leads all of baseball in exit velo increase, going from 85.1 to 90.3 mph. Kelenic has cooled, but is still hitting .273/.333/.513 with 10 HR and 14 2B.

If these guys can put it together for a while, they could go on a massive run. I'm not predicting a 14 game win streak, cause it would be insane to see that two years in a row. Something along the lines of a stretch of 22-8? Yeah, I could see that happening for sure.