As a whole, here is how the Mariners did in fWAR in 2023

With the season over, we take a look to see how the Mariners team did as a whole, and where their fWAR stacks up compared to the rest of the league
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Catcher: 5.3 fWAR - 4th place

No surprise here. Raleigh dominated, and Tom Murphy was a darn good backup. If not for his injury, the Mariners likely finish in the top two here. Raleigh ended up playing a lot down the stretch, and the Mariners are going to need to have a solid backup in place to give him some rest, or at least slide him into the DH spot a couple of times a week if they want that bat in the lineup still.

First Base: 0.5 fWAR - 23rd place

Just a massive fall off from Ty France this season. 3.1 fWAR in 2021, 2.3 in 2022, and a 0.5 this season. If we can get back to the Ty France of yesteryear, then there is no issue at first. However, if he can't hit and the defense doesn't rebound, they will need to look for a replacement. Maybe... just maybe... stop getting hit so much.

Second Base: 3.0 fWAR - 17th

What started as the worst spot on the team turned into a sneaky strength halfway through the year. Think about this. Cabby and Rojas essentially combined for that 3.0 fWAR mark over just half a season. I'm not saying you would get a 6.0 combined fWAR from them over the whole year, but if you did, it becomes the top rated position for the Mariners, over Shortstop, Catcher, or Center Field.

Third Base: 3.2 fWAR - 10th

Just a sneaky good year by Geno. Not as good as last year, but it was far and away his best defensive season, and marked the 5th season in his career with a fWAR above 3.0. He played in every single game this season, so the team mark at 3rd is solely his.

Shortstop: 4.9 fWAR - 7th

JP with the breakout year, brought down a bit as a whole when he went out for a while with the concussion. Crawford already struggles on defense at the spot, at least in 2023, and the Mariners don't have any UTIL guys with a better one to back him up at SS. Still, to miss 17 games and still be 7th in all of baseball is an incredible mark for the Mariners.