Any Jesse Winker fans out there?

Former Reds and Mariners Outfielder, most recently with the the Brewers. Jesse Winker, could provide a bargain bin pick up for the Mariners.
Atlanta Braves v Milwaukee Brewers
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An old friend has found himself in the bargain bin. Could the Mariners benefit from this? Or does our old friend hate a return? Jesse Winker was once the prize of Jerry Dipoto trade. However Winker crashed and burned. Eugenio Suárez and his good vibes turned out to be the better part of the trade.
Suárez is now gone and the Mariners are left with a hole to fill at the hot corner.

The 2024 Mariners!!!! I'm sorry but this offseason doesn't deserve an exclamation point, unless its to declare how bad its been for the team thus far. They were supposed to win, not only in 2023 but also 2024. These were the prime years for the Mariners to win. Until Jerry Dipoto and Co, prove us wrong, we are shopping in the bargain bins. With budget constraints facing the team they seem destined for Value Village shopping.

The Mariners are not broke! Ownership is just doing what businessmen do, MAXIMIZE PROFITIS!!!!. Who blames them? I'd say we all missed out on that weird dude in our dormitory, office space or, everyday life screaming to buy bitcoin and doge coin. The Mariners have won and made the leadership group money as we all bought their story of investing in the team. Turns out that was not the case.

The Mariners are in a ripe position to win a World Series. They have a young, marketable, and very talented superstar in Julio Rodriguez. Unfortunately, just like the Ichiro years, the Mariners are potentially facing a 2001-2022 style run. Market a huge superstar, make money, and use the same old statement of "We tried, but they just took a different offer". This current team is in danger of replicating the dubious record of longest playoff drought in North American history. All the prospect excitement and the talent on the big league club, shows shades of the post 2001 team years.

From much reporting it sounds as though the Mariners are operating in a restricted budget. This is where the familiar name of Jesse Winker comes into play. Lets face it, Winker was bad in Seattle, to his credit he did battle some injuries, and probably did ignite the Mariners playoff run in a brawl with the Angels, in a Mid July during the '22 season. However, Winker was not as advertised. He didn't hit, which was his calling card, but was extra terrible in the field.

Jesse Winker, will come at a cheap cost, and as a bounce back candidate, could provide value to the Mariners. Looking to fill the DH spot, which is all Winker should do at this point, provides the Mariners with a cheap LHH in the lineup at a cheap cost. 1yr for $4mil is the deal I could see the team offering to Winker, the former '21 all-star. Lets be honest is Jesse Winker any worse or better than Jarred Kelenic at this point? Forgot the prospect and age shine, Kelenic might be a younger Jesse Winker in the sands of time. The former Mariner is worth taking a pass on, as he has run good numbers against RHP and runs a decent OBP.