All-time Mariners’ infield of best players who got away

The Mariners have let some star players go in their history. Whether it's free agency or trade, here is what their All-Time lineup could've looked like, starting in the infield dirt.
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Tino Martinez
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1B - Tino Martinez - (12/07/1995) Tino Martinez, Jim Mecir, and Jeff Nelson to the Yankees for Russ Davis and Sterling Hitchcock.

Yes, Tino was an All-Star in his last season in Seattle during the historic '95 season that ultimately saved baseball in Seattle. After dealing him to New York, Tino became a 4x World Series Champion holding down 1B for the Yankees during their dynasty run. He only had one more All-Star after his time in Seattle, but in that year in 1997, he ended up 2nd in MVP voting finishing the season with 44 homers. Albeit in part thanks to the short right field in Yankee Stadium, 44 HRs is still 44 HRs. In 7 seasons with NY, he posted a 16.7 WAR versus a 7.7 WAR with the Mariners in 6 seasons.

The Mariners were faced with a rotation door at first base for a while trying to find a replacement for Tino. Although it was fun to watch the likes of Paul Sorrento, David Segui, and Ryan Jackson, it would've been nice to keep Tino around to finish out the decade.

It would have been nice to still have had Tino on the Mariners' rosters going into the 21st Century, but thankfully we had a former WSU Cougar step up to the plate to fill that void. John Olerud was a tremendous Free Agency pickup, and during his time in Seattle (2000-2004), Olerud put up a 17.6 WAR compared to the aging Tino (4.0 WAR). It would have helped to have Tino during the late 90's, but at least the M's found a way to replace him with another All-Star First Baseman.