All-time Mariners’ infield of best players who got away

The Mariners have let some star players go in their history. Whether it's free agency or trade, here is what their All-Time lineup could've looked like, starting in the infield dirt.
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Since Jerry Dipoto took over as the Mariners' GM in 2015, we have seen a crazy amount of trades take place. Some of which were good, and they instantly made the team better. They were ones that many fans agreed on as being a "win" for the team. Things have been better since he took over, at least from a trades point of view, as there aren't any mega losses that you think of (Adam Jones, for example).

Then there is the other side of it. The ones that leave us scratching our heads when we look back. You sit there and wonder what they were thinking, what drove them to make that move, and if there was something else out there that they could've done instead. Sometimes it's easy to look at them in hindsight and argue the move, but it's worse when it doesn't even make sense at the time of the trade.

Most recently, the Mariners acquired 2B Jorge Polanco in a deal that included prospect Gaby Gonzalez, and relief pitcher Justin Topa. Only time will tell on this deal, but what if we dove back even further? Who could we have seen in a Mariners uniform for longer, or even at all? Introducing the All-Time Mariners "ones that got away" starting lineup, consisting of players that we had in the minor leagues or even at the big league level who, unfortunately, shined elsewhere.