After two awful starts, Bryce Miller is nearly untouchable in win against Marlins

Miami Marlins v Seattle Mariners
Miami Marlins v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Bryce Miller looked bad his last two outings. Part of it was due to a change in rest days, and it wasn't anything he had dealt with at the major league level. Then, there's the fact that it is the Majors, and guys are just going to hit you hard sometimes... especially offenses like the Yankees and Rangers.

With the Marlins in town, Miller was still going to have a tough matchup to open the series, with the Marlins sitting 8 games above .500. Fortunately for Mariners fans, being back at home was exactly what Bryce Miller needed.

Bryce Miller shut the Marlins down, making a single mistake across six strong innings

Bryce Miller would end up going six innings, walking three Marlins hitters, while striking out six. He gave up just one hit, making a mistake and leaving a ball up for the Marlins catcher, Nick Fortes. He deposited the ball into the bullpens for a solo homer. This would actually be the Marlins only hit of the night, showing just how close Seattle was to a combined no-no. I doubt Servais would've left Miller in if this wouldn't have happened, since he was at 89 pitches through 6 innings.

Side note, if you are watching a game and see that a pitcher has 0 hits allowed, please don't say anything about it. I was watching the game at a bar with some friends, when one of my buddies goes "oh, Miller hasn't given up any hits". Jon Berti flew out to center as he said it, and then Nick Fortes hit the bomb.

Anyway, Miller looked good against the Marlins, and it was nice to see him back on track. He threw 21 pitches at 95 mph or higher, topping out at 97.2 in the first inning. It was also good to see him sitting around 2600-2700 rpm on the heater, limiting the vertical break on his fastball. It's been a big weapon for him this year, and re-emerged against the Marlins.

BIg props to Ty Adcock on his MLB debut as well. Called up on gameday, Adcock threw two perfect innings of relief for Miller, throwing up zeroes across the board. There's not much more you can hope for in a debut, although he is still looking for his first career strikeout.

The Mariners are back on the W train with the 8-1 win, and look to keep it going Tuesday night. If France and Teo can keep hitting like they have the last few weeks, the Mariners are in a good spot to turn it around as we hit the mid-point of June.