After 111 games, the Mariners are sitting in the exact same spot as 2022 with a record of 66-55

2022. 2023... it doesn't matter. The Mariners are getting hot when it matters, and now have the same record through 111 games as they did last season, sitting at 66-55.
Seattle Mariners v Kansas City Royals
Seattle Mariners v Kansas City Royals / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

It's crazy how perception from the public can change. Sitting here thinking about the Mariners, you would find way more negative fans through 111 games than you would've last year. In 2022, vibes were high, and fans were riding the wave of the Mariners hot second half as they hoped to make the playoffs. In 2023, it seems like a lot more fans have a negative perception of the team.

Sure, there were negative nellies last year too, but a lot fewer than this year. Yet, through 111 games, the Mariners sit in the same spot as they did in 2022. 66-55, looking in at the playoffs.

It's wierd to think about, right? Funny enough, they were 65-56 in 2021, just one game back.

The Mariners are getting hot when it matters, again

I actually feel a lot better about this years team than I did last year. No, it's not because I'm a negative person, but it's because I think this is a more talented team. Julio is getting hot again, finishing the final two games of the Royals series with a blistering run of 9 hits in 11 ABs. We will cover that more in the recap, I'm sure.

Sure, the offense looks different. O'Keefe/Murphy as backup catcher. Rojas at second, Canzone, Marlowe, Cabby. That's a lot of new faces, but they have all been impactful (hoping on O'Keefe, at least). Cabby is a menace on the bases and at the plate, Marlowe is stroking it, and Canzone has had some nice moments as well. The pitching staff might just be the best that the Mariners have ever had, even if it feels wierd to say.

Gilbert would be a strong number 2 on plenty of teams. Woo and Miller are highly talented and have had some wonderful games. Then there is Luis Castillo and George Kirby, already making a play for the Cy Young. If this team can get to the playoffs? Oh buddy!

The Mariners are in the same place they were last year, and chasing a handful of the same teams. Tampa is falling apart, and it looks like the Mariners control their own destiny. Just 0.5 games out after their finale in KC, the Mariners are closer to the playoffs than they have been all year, and just in time. Lookout everyone, it really does seem like it's time for a repeat, and the Mariners are knocking on the door to get into the playoffs once more.