A new Mariners' prospect enters the MLB Pipeline Top 100 prospects list

MLB Pipeline updated their top 100 prospect list. How many future Mariners made the cut, and who is the new name on the list?
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The new crop of homegrown Mariners is on its way. Chances are, if you're reading this, you're a fan of the Seattle Mariners. You probably know the names of the top 10ish prospects down on the farm and are excited to see what they have to offer. I know I am, but I was still surprised to see this prospect's name on MLB Pipeline's updated Top 100 list.

You know first-round names. Both are former first round picks, and both of them have jumped up in the updated rankings. Young is now ranked as the 28th-best prospect, while Ford comes in right behind him at #29. Neither of those rankings is terribly surprising, as both are off to a hot start in 2024.

Fellow first round pick Colt Emerson checks in at #51 and is the third Mariner to appear on this list. Emerson is off to a scorching start down in Single-A Modesto, hitting just a tick under .300 with an OPS over 900. He ranks just ahead of Dodgers prospect Andy Pages, who made his MLB debut earlier this month.

His name, is Lazaro Montes. Welcome to the top 100

But there is a 4th Mariner prospect who has never made this list before. His name is Lazaro Montes. If you don't know who Montes is, yet, then you better get to know his name now. Because he will be a top prospect before long. Montes has been to compared to Astros slugger Yordan Alvarez, which is not too big of a stretch. both Montes and Alvarez are both Cuban, and both trained with the same hitting instructor.

Montes has never been short on power. Pipeline gave him a grade of 65 for power, and it shows. He has clubbed six home runs so far in 2024, and hit 13 bombs in 2023. He also has seven doubles and a triple to go along with the six home runs. While the power is tantalizing, he has become a good hitter overall. Currently in Modesto, he is slashing .308/.417/.533 with an OPS of .950.

While Montes is an exciting prospect with loud tools, he does come with some warts. His strikeouts were a major problem in 2023, but he may have fixed that this season. He has struck out just 23 times in his 120 at bats, which works out to just above 19%. He struck out over 31% in 2023, so the change is significant. He also will not be winning a gold glove in the future, and he may have to be a full-time designated hitter.

The Big 3 of Cole Young, Harry Ford and Colt Emerson all come with big expectations. All 3 were first round picks, and all 3 play a key position that is needed at the Major League level. But it now may be time to start calling them the "Big 4" with Montes. All four of these guys are younger than 21, so it will be a while before they make it to the Mariners. But the future sure looks bright with these guys.

On the other hand, keep in mind that these guys are prospects. Even the "Can't miss" prospects sometimes bust out. For every Julio Rodriguez, there are 10 Dustin Ackley's, Jarred Kelenic's and Justin Smoak's. Keep that in mind, especially if the Mariners choose to trade some of these guys for proven talent. While the thought of what could be is exciting, sometimes you have to mortgage your future to compete now.

As always, Go Mariners!