A look at the most dominant pitch used by every Mariners reliever

What were the standout tools used by one of the best bullpens in baseball? Let's look at the best pitch

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Tayler Saucedo - Sinker

Usage: 39.9%
BA: .236
Whiff Rate: 17.5%
Strikeout Rate: 10.1%
Total Run Value: 5

In addition to being a part-time Twitch streamer, Saucedo was one of the few lefty pitchers on the Mariners' pitching staff. More of a pitch-to-contact guy than a strikeout specialist, his ground-ball rate of 58.5% was better than 96% of MLB. What contributed to this pitching style was a standout sinker. The velocity of 92.3 mph was relatively average but 28.5 inches of drop and 2.5 inches of horizontal break, it induced the soft contact needed to stay effective. Sure, the strikeout numbers might be underwhelming but outs are outs!

Gabe Speier - Four Seam Fastball

Usage: 20.7%
BA: .128
Whiff Rate: 35.7%
Strikeout Rate: 45.2%
Total Run Value: 6

Speier is the only other lefty on the Mariners bullpen and chose to do things the old-fashioned way last year. While it was only his third most-used pitch, his four seam fastball had great whiff and strikeout numbers while averaging 95.1 mph. The use of the high fastball along with this sinker and slider helped expand the zone and keep him dangerous and gave him an overall strikeout rate of nearly 30%. Did I mention his chase rate was also the best in MLB last year?

His fastball was so good, Speier felt confident enough to toss meatballs to one of the best hitters in baseball today.

Trent Thornton - Sinker

Usage: 11.8%
BA: .188
Whiff Rate: 17.1%
Strikeout Rate: 11.8%
Total Run Value: 3

Thornton may have been one of the most under-the-radar relievers in 2023. He quietly posted a 2.01 ERA and 1.15 WHIP over 31 ⅓ innings with the Blue Jays and the Mariners. His career started off as a starter in Toronto but as he's moved to the bullpen, he's steadily grown to be more and more effective. With plenty of talent in our rotation already, he's going to stay where he is and continue to be a top-of-the-line bullpen arm with great fly-ball rates.