A look at the most dominant pitch used by every Mariners reliever

What were the standout tools used by one of the best bullpens in baseball? Let's look at the best pitch
Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers
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Seattle relievers combined for a 3.48 ERA in 2023, the fourth-best of any team in MLB. Even after losing Paul Sewald, new names stepped up to the plate and brought the Mariners within a few games of reaching the postseason for a second year in a row. Between a group of pitchers that have been with the Mariners for a while, to diamonds that the front office has uncovered, it was a mixed bag. So, what led to this success?

Relievers don't need the same diverse arsenal that starters do. Rather than deploying a wide array of all types of pitches, the best relievers and closers often perfect just one or two pitches. Mariano Rivera built almost his whole legacy with his cutter. Devin Williams and his unique "airbender" pitch have made him an elite closer in today's game.

We already took a look at the best pitches that all of the Mariners starters had in 2023, and it's time to take a look at the guys who sit out behind the fence in Part 2. Heading into 2024, what dazzling pitches should we expect to see from each bullpen arm currently on the depth chart?