A big move to erase the Mariners' uneven season

Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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The Reds are an exciting trade partner in that they know our farm system, having acquired six top-15 prospects from the Mariners in the past two years. Also, they have a log jam of infielders but only a little in the pitching and outfielder department regarding high-upside talent. That's why both packages include the Mariners' top pitching prospects. Of the two packages, I'd be more apt to send Woo to the Reds, mainly because of Ford's high-rising star.

There is no doubt Johnathan India could provide the depth this team needs to become competitive offensively. Still, something tells me Dipoto and Hollander have their eyes on someone no one is talking about (Lars Nootbar, anyone?). Either way, the team is squandering the good vibes they created from a magical 2022 run. The time is now to infuse the lineup with some quality bats, before the glass becomes half empty.