A big move to erase the Mariners' uneven season

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Bigger the bat, bigger the cost

Again, the haul will be massive. This trade starts with Emerson Hancock or newly minted big leaguer Bryan Woo and includes Gabriel Gonzalez or even top prospect Harry Ford. Here are two possible trade packages for the dynamic second baseman.

1. Trade Package #1

Bryan Woo
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Bryan Woo (SP), Michael Morales (SP), Gabriel Gonzalez (OF), Laz Montes (OF) for Jonathan India (2B)

2. Trade Package#2

Harry Ford
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Harry Ford (C), Emerson Hancock (SP), and Laz Montes (OF) for Jonathan India (2B).

I keep gravitating to the old saying, "No one wins the World Series for having the top-rated farm system." However, giving up that much of a prospect haul for an infielder who doesn't follow the team's philiosophy of dominating the zone (22 BB/46 SO) seems like a stretch. Manager Scott Servais already has a struggling Teoscar Hernandez who leads the league in strikeouts and is chasing everything and anything on the outer half of the plate.

Additionally, Eugenio Suarez, Julio Rodriguez, Cal Raleigh, and Jarred Kelenic all strikeout above the league average of 23 percent. The team needs bat-to-ball hitters who use the entire field and put the ball in play, as evidenced by their inability to manufacture runs. It's this reason alone why I could see Dipoto and Hollander going in a different direction.