5 way too-early trade targets the Mariners could go after

As the Mariners are just over a month into the 2024 season, it's time to look into potential Trade Deadline targets the team could and should entertain. Of course, things could drastically change as far as this list goes even just one more month into the season, but why not get our brains thinking down the road early?
Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros
Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros / Jack Gorman/GettyImages

The Mariners could look to make an early move, as we saw the Padres do with Luis Arraez. With a handful of struggling teams out there, here are five players that the Mariners could go after in some way too early trade targets.

Mariners Trade Target: Paul Goldschmidt

Although Paul is not getting any younger being 36 years old, Paul could bring a good veteran presence to this ballclub. It also could be a move that still allows Ty France to get playing time alongside Goldy. For this trade to happen, Paul would need to hit his stride and get his batting average above his current .197 mark.

This also would have to be a deal that does not cost the M's much. Paul could slide in at 1B and even DH from time to time, and would give this team some veteran depth if Garver or France did get injured. Seeing videos left and right of Goldy swinging at sliders far off the plate does not have me dying for them to make this move, but if he started to get his average up a bit, I would be OK with the Mariners at least putting feelers out there.

Mariners Trade Target: Ryan McMahon

The Rockies, once again, are at the bottom of the pack in the NL West. Signing Kris Bryant to his big contract a couple of years ago is only making their whole situation look even worse. Why not cash out on guys who do have value on the team? McMahon has primarily played 3rd base throughout his career but has also spent time at 2B and 1B.

At 29 years old, McMahon could slide into the M's lineup as a nice utility piece to have in the infield and could easily hold it down at 1B if we continue seeing minimal output from Ty France. Dipoto is looking for guys who get on base, and although McMahon is striking out at around a 28% rate, he is still batting over .300 and has 5 homers to go along with that. Being 29 years old on a struggling Rockies team, I feel they could let him go for the right price.

Mariners Trade Target: Kyle Tucker

Am I a fan of Tucker's? Absolutely not. If he was not on the Astros, that could be a different story. That being said, he would instantly impact this team in either of the corner outfield spots. Although the M's will see Dom Canzone come back from injury soon, it is tough to say that he would provide the spark that this team needs to get them over the hump and become a serious contender offensively.

Tucker could provide that spark. If he came in, we could see him give Haniger more time off to play more against lefties and could play in LF alongside Haniger. This could also open the door for Luke Raley to get more reps at 1B assuming Ty France doesn't turn his season around. This feels to me like the most realistic of all of these trade possibilities as long as the Astros don't turn things around and start winning a bunch of games.

Mariners Trade Target: Ryan Helsley

Another potential move from the struggling Cardinals that would make sense for them to think of letting him go. As the current MLB leader in Saves (12), Helsley would certainly be a nice piece to add to the bullpen, especially with Brash out for the year, and Gregory Santos still on IL at least until July, if not later. The offense has been the biggest issue for the Mariners this season, but if they think the bats will start to turn around, why not take a swing on one of the league's top bullpen arms?

Mariners Trade Target: Pete Alonso

Ah yes, the Polar Bear. You know Pete had to be on this list, and for a good reason. Although he is not a hitter known for his high batting average, he is a big thumper known for hitting balls into space. Although Ty France is sort of the opposite type of hitter, he is not putting up the batting average to make it worth it. Alonso is batting around the .220 mark but has nine homers and 22 RBIs to make up for that.

What about Ty France? As a guy who is known for his batting average, he is only hitting .243 with three home runs this season. Although losing France would be a blow to the locker room, being a locker room guy can only go on for so long. Adding Pete Alonso to this Mariners lineup would drastically change things, and is the best trade chip the Mets have to offer. They could choose to keep him, but for a team hovering around the .500 mark, it makes sense why they could at least entertain offers to see what they could get in return.