5 Times the Mariners blew their First Round Pick in the MLB Draft

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With the 5th Pick in 2006, the Mariners should've selected - Andrew Miller (6th), Clayton Kershaw (7th), Tim Lincecum (10th), or Max Scherzer (11th)

Look at this group of pitchers. The Mariners took Brandon Morrow with the 5th pick. He had a decent little career, but most of it wasn't in Seattle. Then, you look at those next pitchers that went, and holy crap. There is Andrew Miller, who has had a really good career as a reliever, and went through one of the more dominant stretches we have seen from someone in his position.

2013-2017: 1.82 ERA, 1.96 FIP, 234 ERA+, 291.2 IP, 297 G, 14.5 K/9, 2.6 BB/9

And he would've been the 4th pick of the four guys listed. Between the three of them, they've won 8 Cy Youngs, finished 2nd 3 times, and finished 3rd three times. All of them are multi Cy Young winners. Lincecum is retired now, but Kershaw is still doing well and Scherzer is still incredible.

Imagine having Lincecum back then. The kid from the Seattle area who went to UW. He and Felix leading the way, teammates fighting for a Cy Young. It would've been amazing.

Or Kershaw, pairing a lefty to Felix's right arm.

Or Scherzer, who could still be going. Sure, they would've doled out $300 million or more over that frame to keep him (or trade him), but it would've been incredible. They are all franchise altering pitchers. Instead, the Mariners ended up with Brandon Morrow.