5 Times the Mariners blew their First Round Pick in the MLB Draft

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With the 11th Pick in 1991, the Mariners should've selected- Manny Ramirez (13th), Cliff Floyd (14th), or Shawn Green (16th)

You know... I really hate doing things like this sometimes. In 1991, the Mariners took Shawn Estes. He had a good career, but the Mariners traded him away before he ever threw a pitch for Seattle. You know what they could've had instead?

Manny Ramirez.

I love Manny. Manny was so fun. Yeah, he was a goofball, had some wierd stuff happen near the end of his career, and I think he got his meds mixed up once in a while (or so it was reported back then). But the dude could straight-up hit. I don't know where you would place these guys, but here is what the lineup could've possibly looked like in 1996, along with the numbers that each player put up that year.