5 Times the Mariners blew their First Round Pick in the MLB Draft

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With the 3rd Pick in 1989, the Mariners should've selected - Frank Thomas (7th)

The Mariners took an RHP by the name of Roger Salkeld in 1989 with the 3rd pick. He threw 73 innings for the Mariners, and was traded in 1995. He never did much after that, appearing in one more season in the pros.

Instead... Frank Thomas? In that lineup? Oh my goodness. He would've solved a rotating door at first base for the Mariners that saw the likes of Paul Sorrento, David Segui, Tino Martinez, and John Olerud. Although, Olerud was a beast.

Still, Thomas outpaces them all. Pitchers, already afraid to face the Mariners in the mid-90s, now would look at a lineup that featured this at it's core.

1 - Alex Rodriguez
2 - Ken Griffey
3 - Frank Thomas
4 - Edgar Martinez
5 - Jay Buhner

Buhner hit .271/.369/.557 that season, and easily was the worst hitter of the group. It's not even close, either. I can't begin to fathom in any non-video game sense what it would've looked like in Seattle to have a group like that.

Guess what...Let's make it even crazier.