5 replacements for the Mariners after the Ty France injury news

The Ty France injury news is unfortunate, but the Mariners still have options, and here are 5 replacements they could look to make
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The expensive, blockbuster move that won't happen

Do you want the Mariners' offense to get better? Sure. Do you want the Mariners to go out and make a big splash for a widely-known name that can add some star power to this lineup? Sure. How much are you willing to spend in prospect capital to do that? The answer should be, "Whatever is necessary, as long as it is within reason". No prospects should be off limits.

The Mariners need to upgrade their offense and they have a few spots to be able to add that offense. Ty France's recent injury gives the Mariners every right to explore a first baseman and there are some big time names on the market.

The most obvious fit is with the Toronto Blue Jays' slugging first baseman, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. The cover of MLB The Show has plenty of star power as a well-known name and someone who has put together some very impressive years. But is he really an elite first baseman? I don't think so.

After a monster 2021 season that saw him hit .311/.401/.601 with 48 home runs and 111 RBI, the slugger has struggled to replicate that level of success. He's still a good hitter and would improve the lineup, but considering his name, pedigree and control, he is going to be very expensive. Guerrero Jr will likely demand multiple top 100 prospects and other filler pieces, and I just don't see that happening when you can get similar (and better) production for less prospect capital.