5 optimistic predictions for the Mariners as we head into 2023

Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners
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Mariners Prediction #1: Mariners win the World Series

Did you really think I would make it through all of this without making a team prediction? I think it's the hope of many a Mariners fan, but for the first time in a long time, it's a semi-reasonable hope. The Mariners are supposed to be good, have a ton of talent, some burgeoning stars and potential superstars, and are coming off of a playoff season.

In the past, this would be brushed away as the ravings of a crazy person. Now though? With the Mariners around 9th in WS odds and 4th in the American League, it's not a totally unreasonable proclamation to make.

Think about it. That pitching staff is going to be good, or at least has the potential to be. The Core Four either have good Cy Young odds (Castillo, Gilbert, and Ray are all 18-1 or better) and Kirby is a control master who many think is going to have plenty of Cy Young votes in the future. If they can get something serviceable out of Flexen/Marco/Miller, then it's going to be a great year for them.

The offense has gotten a lot better too. I believe in Kelenic (obviously), Wong is much better than Frazier, and Teoscar should be a nice power addition who has a good bat as well and has a track record of staying healthy. France's elbow and wrist sound like they're healthy again, which should be a big help as well. No Jesse Winker is always a blessing also, at least when it's the 2022 version.

I would love to see the Mariners make it to the World Series and finally get off that list of teams to never make it... the one where they are the sole listing. Break the drought one year and make it to the World Series the next. Go Mariners!