5 Mariners Pitchers to Keep an Eye on at 2023 Spring Training

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Mariners NRI (Non-Roster Invitees) Pitchers to watch

Bryce Miller (24 Years old - RH Starter) although he is one of the Non-Roster Invitees this year in Peoria, Bryce Miller has been turning heads since being drafted by the Mariners in the 4th round in 2021. He's actually battling with Harry Ford for the top spot in the Mariners system, as the stuff has turned out to be that good. A 5-pitch mix where everything might be grade-50 or above makes for a tantalizing profile and is headed by a mid-to-upper 90s heater. He finished 2022 on an incredibly strong note with a 7 IP, 14 K game.

Travis Kuhn (24 Years old - RH Reliever) is someone that we've talked about a bit before, and it's why I'm including him on here this year. When someone is right about their 2022 under-the-radar breakout pitcher, you listen when they mention their selection for 2023. Big Props to our guy Curtis Christianson on that. Kuhn has good strikeout stuff but will need to limit the walks after posting a 5.3 BB/9 in 2022 in AA. So many of these young guys have control issues, and the first ones to solve them are going to lead the charge into the final Mariners spot.

Bryan Woo (23 Years old - RH Starter) was drafted a bit later in 2021 in large part to needing TJ. The 6th rounder is fully recovered now and looks great on the mound. There's no way if the draft happened again that he would go any later than the 2nd round. If he can develop the change into a 50-grade, he's going to be nasty. Already with healthy velo in the mid-90s and a strong slider with good depth, Woo is a dark horse for the final rotation spot, although I think he is a way out. He did show improved command post-TJ, so I'm excited to see if he can limit walks against better competition.

The Mariners have a lot of talented young pitchers, and the fight for either the 5th spot in the rotation or even a spot in the bullpen is going to be intense. Pitching can be a fickle game, so expect at least one of these guys (I'm predicting 4) to see time in the big leagues this year.