5 Mariners Pitchers to Keep an Eye on at 2023 Spring Training

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The Mariners have so many exciting young players, that I had to split them up between hitters and pitchers. This isn’t even talking about the ones that we are certain will be on the big league roster to start the year. So no mention of Gilbert, Kirby, Haggerty, Kelenic, or Julio. This is solely about the guys on the back end of the 40-man roster and the ones who received invites to Spring Training. The ones who head to Peoria look to take advantage of the playing time and competition to showcase themselves to upper management.

It’s amazing to think that the Mariners have already promoted two starting pitchers that have seen success, and they still have a loaded system full of strong arms that are getting close to seeing time at the big league level. It wouldn’t surprise to see Gilbert and Kirby move to the Mariners and then have a lull in the Minors before the next wave comes along. That’s not the case with the Mariners.

There are a bunch of players that are getting close, and with a weaker starting rotation, the Mariners would likely entertain a couple of these guys on the big league roster, even in their rotation. Unfortunately for them, there is only one spot available, and there are already two MLB veterans fighting for it. However, I still think there are plenty of pitchers for the Mariners that we should keep on eye on as Spring Training kicks off. No Emerson Hancock, as I’d rather showcase some of either the more exciting guys or lesser known guys.