5 Mariners Hitters to Keep an Eye on at 2023 Spring Training

Tampa Bay Rays v Seattle Mariners
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Mariners Hitters to watch - A Vet, an Uber Athlete, and Bobby Bombs

Harry Ford (20 Years Old - C) is going to be a problem once he gets to the pros. He's incredibly athletic and is already a great hitter with a good eye at the plate. He actually turned 20 this week and is coming off a strong season in Modesto where he hit .274/.425/.439. The SLG might seem low, but I fully believe it will increase as he matures. The impressive part is his speed, as he went 23-28 on SB attempts last year. This is a huge leap for him to get an invite to ST, and will easily be his toughest competition faced.

Mason McCoy (27 Years Old - SS) is by far the oldest out of anyone on this list but is on here for good reason. 2022 was his first year in the Mariners organization, and he found new power by increasing his career-high HR mark from 9 to 21! That means that Marlowe wasn't the only 20/20 the Mariners had in the minors, as McCoy also swiped 22 bases. With a thing middle infield in Seattle, McCoy could definitely see time in the majors this year if anything goes wrong for the Mariners or they are faced with some injuries.

Robert Perez Jr. (22 Years Old - 1B) AKA Bobby Bombs broke out in 2022 because of his power. We wrote a bit about him towards the end of last year, and for good reason. He had a great slash line between A/A+ Ball, hitting .288/.398/.523 with 27 HR. He was even in the HR derby, which he did incredibly in. He's gonna get chances at 1B, and maybe even in a corner OF spot, so watch for how the power shows and how often he K's, but he is becoming a player to watch for the Mariners.

There are a lot of fun players to watch on the Mariners, but I didn't want to combine the pitchers and the hitters. Stay tuned for the next list as we go over some of the more interesting pitchers to watch at Spring Training for the Mariners this season.