5 former Mariners without a job heading into Spring Training

There are a handful of former Mariners out there without a job heading into Spring Training, so we highlight the 5 who should end up signed for 2024
Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers
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Daniel Vogelbach - DH - 31 years old

Had to save Vogey for last. Everyone loved Vogelbach, and it really seemed like the Mariners had stumbled onto something special. After hitting once in a while through his first 3 seasons for the Mariners, 2019 seemed different. Vogelbach did so well through the start of the season that he was named an All-Star. He deserved it, too.

Through 74 games played, he was slashing .251/.389/.531 with 19 HR. It went downhill after that, as he hit .161/.286/.341 with just 11 HR the rest of the way. Since then, he has hit .229/.348/.409, showing an ability to walk at a strong clip, and still provide a decent amount of homers (46).

Don't forget, he is a part of one of the greatest non-Mariners commercials we have ever seen.

He can hit righties, is a fun guy for fans to have around, and seems to be a good clubhouse veteran presence as he enters his age-31 season. I'd be quite surprised to NOT see him on a team by the time the season kicks off. A power-hitting DH with a good eye who can play first if need be, who hits well off RHP... well, it seems like that should be a bench role that he can fill. Best of luck, Vogey.

Each of those Mariners, while they aren't anything game-changing or special, could still positively impact a team this year, and are still good enough to have on the team. Best of luck to all of them in 2024.