5 former Mariners without a job heading into Spring Training

There are a handful of former Mariners out there without a job heading into Spring Training, so we highlight the 5 who should end up signed for 2024
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Kyle Lewis - OF - 28 years old

Kyle Lewis might go down as one of those "Man, if this guy could've just stayed healthy imagine what he would of done" players that all so often get brought up in historical conversations. He won Rookie of the Year back in 2020 in the shortened season, and Mariners fans honestly salivated at the thought of a Kelenic+Lewis+Julio outfield.

Kelenic ended up kicking his way out of town, Julio is signed for life, and Lewis can't stay healthy enough to step on the field. Baseball changes, and it changes fast.

Since that ROY season in 2020, Kyle Lewis has played 36, 18, and 16 games. It hasn't been good. So why is he on here?

He showed that talent in 2020, and it wasn't that long ago. He's only going to be 28 in 2024, so he could still have some run and play in that body for sure. I'm not saying he gets back to 2020, and it's highly unlikely he ever does. I do think that if he is able to get healthy, Lewis is going to provide a team with a dangerous bat off the bench who can be a fill-in outfielder. That promise and talent alone should be enough to get him another look in 2024, even after struggling the last two seasons.