5 former Mariners without a job heading into Spring Training

There are a handful of former Mariners out there without a job heading into Spring Training, so we highlight the 5 who should end up signed for 2024

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers
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Mike Zunino - C - 33 years old

For that couple of years stretch in Seattle, Mike Zunino was so fun to root for. His final three years in Seattle saw him post WAR numbers of 1.8, 3.4, and 1.9. It was a nice stretch for certain, and there were plenty of times when it seemed like the Mariners had found their catcher of the future.

Instead, he would leave after the 1.9 season, playing marginally as a backup catcher in 4 of the 5 years. He dominated 2021, but that was his sole standout. Is there a chance that he could, not saying catch fire, but find a spark to provide plus WAR from the backup spot? I think so, at least enough for a 1YR/$1.5M deal for a backup catcher role.

Here's the thing. You could do a lot worse with your backup catcher. He's a decent enough defender, and can still run into a ball and knock it a mile. If a team needs 25-40 games, Zunino on a one-year option isn't a make or break move, but having a vet behind the plate who can hold his own can be a nice gap filler to give your starter the day off.