5 Former Mariners we would love to see back in 2024

Free Agency is always wild. If the Mariners are looking to fill out some of their potential openings, here are some familiar faces they could bring back in 2024
Arizona Diamondbacks v Seattle Mariners
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Some (more) catching options who could return for the Mariners

Omar Narvaez - C

As I mentioned above, the Mariners need a backup catcher. As he's gotten into his 30s, Narvaez has moved out of the primary role and into the backup. You can see it over the last two seasons, as he has played 84 and 49 games there, respectively.

I would love to see Narvaez back. Not because of how he has hit the last two seasons (not good, not good at all), but for the potential of spelling Raleigh and maybe showing flashes of how well he did when he was in Seattle before. .278/.353/.460 with a 119 OPS+ is one of the better seasons the Mariners have ever had behind the plate. If we could get 80% of that, it would be a big win for the Mariners backup catcher spot.

Mike Zunino - C

This is one you would have to be real careful of and ready with a quick hook. Zunino struck out in 43.6% of his ABs last season, playing in 42 games for Cleveland. He had a great year in Seattle though, and another in Tampa. Would it be worth bringing him in to see if he can provide a bit of magic in 40 or so games worth of playtime? I don't think it's as good of an idea as Narvaez, but that 2017 season with Zunino sure was fun.