5 Former Mariners we would hate to see back in 2024

There are a lot of former Mariners players available in Free Agency. We already covered the players we would love to see back. Now comes the question, Who would we HATE to see come back?
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Two Mariners players I don't want back: Tommy La Stella and AJ Pollock

This is low-hanging fruit, I know. Both of these guys were added last offseason for depth and to help fill the DH void. Tommy La Stella was released on May 4th, and AJ Pollock was traded to the San Francisco Giants on July 31st. Pollock managed to not even hit his weight, hitting just .173 in 49 games for the Mariners. Pollock actually ranked worse than Kolten Wong in fWAR, with -1.3. That is good enough for 1448 out of 1457 players. That is almost hard to believe. We may not have to worry about them coming back, mostly because it is more likely that their careers are over than it is the Mariners give these two a second chance.

A Mariners player I don't want back: Jean Segura, Infield

If you can believe it, Jean Segura managed to be as bad as AJ Pollock last season. It has been a while since he was a member of the Seattle Mariners, and let's hope that that fact stays a distant memory. Segura was traded by the Mariners to Philidelphia before the 2019 season. He was a fine player in Philly, and that is why he signed with the Maimi Marlins. That is where Jean fell off the cliff. He managed to hit just .219, with just 3 home runs. He also had a war of -1.3, the same as Pollock. Both Segura and Pollock were among the 10 worst players of the 2023 season.

Overall, I highly douby and of these guys will be a Mariner again. Most of them may not ever play in the Major Leagues again. But just in case, I am asking both Jerry DiPoto and Justin Hollander, please, for the love of God, do not sign these former players. As always, Go Mariners!